Best fishing spots in Exmouth, Western Australia

Best fishing spots in Exmouth, Western Australia

According to the current WA Premier Mr. Colin Barnett..."Exmouth is regarded as one of the world's best fishing destinations with more than 40 different game fish species on offer, including all six Australian billfish species". I recently went to Exmouth and even though I don't agree with everything Mr Barnett says he is right about this. Exmouth has offered me some of my best fishing experiences ever and that is saying a lot as I have been fishing all over Australia since I was two years old. 

Fishingexmouthkids Bestfishingexmouthcanals

Fishing in Exmouth with kids is also excellent as you can just chuck a fishing line off one of the many Exmouth canal jetties and catch any number of fish varieties. The water is teeming with fish in Exmouth. We found that the best time to fish in Exmouth on the jetties was in the late afternoon and we didn't even have a proper rig for the kids, we just tied a line and hook to a wooden spoon and a spatula and the kids hooked some fish within two minutes. We still caught fish in the morning but not many and the bites were few and far between. 

Exmouth also host the annual GAMEX fishing competition. Mr Barnett also recently said "Fishing is a popular tourism activity, with almost one million overnight visitors in WA participating in a fishing activity during their trip.  Hosting events such as GAMEX helps to further promote the State as a fishing hotspot." In January 2017 the State Government has signed a three-year deal to sponsor Western Australia's premier game fishing tournament, GAMEX, in Exmouth. In 2017 the event dates are March 17th - 25th. You can read about all the rules, activities and fun here:


Now onto the important information....

Boat fishing – Boat fishing in Exmouth is an ideal option as there are so many species e.g. game/bill fish, reef fish, table fish, crustaceans, squid and pelagics.

Land based fishing – If you don’t have a boat there are still heaps of options. Beach fishing is fruitful and you catch hefty sized fish from the shore in Exmouth. You only need light gear, nothing too industrial like heavy offshore gear. I just use a traditional rod set up and sometime poppers. My brother uses plackies and slices in Exmouth with good results.

Net Fishing - If you choose this throw net option you need to get a net fishing license which you can get from most fish tackle shops.

The best thing about fishing in Exmouth is the sheer variety of fish available and the beautiful clear waters. The region including Coral Bay offers some of the best fishing WA has to offer.  

My top fish in Exmouth:

  • giant trevally
  • queenfish
  • spangled emperor 
  • dart fish
  • bald chin groper
  • whiting
  • mangrove jack
  • spanish mackerel
  • red emperor
  • coral trout
  • sailfish
  • marlin


Yardie Creek near Exmouth is above.

Best fishing spots in Exmouth:

  • Hunters beach just past the lighthouse
  • Surfers beach
  • Mackeral Islands (if you have a big boat)
  • Exmouth plateau - 150 kilometres north of Exmouth (if you have a big boat)
  • Exmouth (off the reef in the park)
  • Exmouth - Naval Jetty
  • Yardie Creek
  • Exmouth canal jetties - All over the place
  • Learmouth jetty
  • Bundegi Beach 

Best fishing spots in Coral Bay:


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