Best Fishing Spots in Maroochydore, Queensland

If in the sunshine coast don’t hesitate to try fishing in the surf at Maroochydore.  The council have manufactured “rocks” made out of enormous blanket stitched sand-filled bags which are perfect to cast from....and obviously used to protect the foreshore. The beach at Maroochydore is very picturesque although is somewhat spoilt my high rise flats and motels.

We used sand worms as bait and were lucky enough to catch a good sized flathead.

Fish And Mum

The caravan park is very close to the beach and many of the occupants were fishing as well.

If you want an interesting place to fish in Queensland, give Maroochydore a go. 

By the way, the flathead was delicious.

Fishing Tips to catch more fish in Maroochydore, QLD

  1. The best way to catch big fish in Maroochy is by using lures or fly-fishing.
  2. When fishing from the bank use small hooks.
  3. Use live bait if possible, fresh prawns work well (stay away from frozen) and use a cast net if you have one.
  4. Don’t use weight, keep you bait off the bottom and you will have more success.
  5. For best results fish and hour or two either side of the changing tide and cast up stream then let your bait float up/down on the tide.  

Top 10 fishing spots in Maroochydore, Queensland

  1. Around the north side of the river mouth
  2. Cod Hole – Near the motorway bridge (near swan boat hire)
  3. Try along the rock wall and fish under sunshine plaza
  4. Picnic point
  5. Chambers island
  6. Cornmeal creek
  7. Twinwaters
  8. Maroochy canals
  9. Bli Bli
  10. Barra Park

Top 10 fish to catch in Maroochydore, QLD

  1. Whiting
  2. Bream
  3. Cod
  4. Flathead
  5. Herring
  6. Mangrove Jack
  7. Trevelley
  8. Shark
  9. Bullies
Comment posted by SilverStories
12 January 2016 - You can try these guys, they offer all sorts of boats and kayaks for all fitness levels and ages.
Comment posted by Riley
06 January 2016 - I was just wondering where the best spot for beginners on a kayak would be in Maroochydore river

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