Best fishing spots in Prudhoe Island & Sarina, Mackay, Queensland

My favourite fishing spot in this part of the world is Prudhoe Island off the coast of Sarina, Northern Queensland.  Leave as early as you can in the morning as the south east wind makes the fish head to the reef and it can get really choppy. Use a light rod set up.  Good bait in Sarina and Prudhoe Island is fresh fish, squid or pilchards.  My lures get a good work-up when fishing here as well.  If you feel like camping on Prudhoe Island you can but it’s pretty basic so you would have to be prepared.


On a recent trip to Prudhoe I caught some mackerel, tuskfish, coral trout along with a few spangled and red emperor.  Check out the photo’s for some inspiration to get your summer fishing gear on.

Fishing off Sarina Beach – There are two boat ramps here and it’s quite a shallow inlet on the low tide so watch out.  Local fishing charts and bait are available in the tackle shop and you can fuel up at Sarina Beach Service Station.

Tuskfishprudhoe Island

If you want to head to Mackay for a fish then the “Snapper Run” starts in June officially but truth be told these fish often arrive to spawn by mid May. Mackay fishermen/women love it when the snapper arrive as they are a decent size fish, up to 8kg catches which is nothing to sneeze at and they are easy to catch in a boat close to shore.

Top 19 fish to catch in Sarina inlet and near Prudhoe Island:

  1. Spangled emperor
  2. Barramundi
  3. Cod
  4. Tuskfish
  5. Mangrove jack
  6. Bream
  7. Flat head
  8. Trevally
  9. Red emperor
  10. Javelin fish (grunter)
  11. Queenies (Queenfish)
  12. Coral trout
  13. Salmon
  14. Mackerel
  15. Whiting
  16. Golden Snapper
  17. Reef fish
  18. Prawns (Louisa Creek)
  19. Mud crabs (Louisa Creek)


Snapper and golden trevally seem to hang out together so if you are catching snapper you will probably nab a few trevally as well and they are good for sport and eating. I have caught a few trevally around 10kg near Prudhoe Island, they nearly snapped my line as I had light gear!

Top 10 fishing spots around Sarina:

  1. Louisa Creek
  2. Dalrymple Bay
  3. Hay Point
  4. Tug Harbour
  5. Victor Islet
  6. Castrades Inlet
  7. Cabbage Tree Creek
  8. Llewellyn Bay
  9. Armstrong Beach
  10. Freshwater Point 


Prudhoe Island fishing from a boat, life doesn't get much better than this. 



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