Catching Squid in Perth and WA

WA Squid Varieties

There are two types of squid caught in WA, the arrow squid and calamari squid.  The arrow squid is the smaller of the two and has an arrow tail, hence the name. The calamari squid is a lot bigger, features wings and can grow to 5kg.

What tackle should you use to catch squid in Perth and WA?

Line class – Use a good quality light line

Squid jigs – A popular technique in WA.  A good standard size is 3. Mulie spikes (wooden) with jags on the back are good or you can use the plastic compartment style jigs.

Luminous jigs – Great of night fishing. Squid will chase your jig, perfect.

Popular jig brands - Yo-Zuri, Harimitsu, Shimano, Diawa, Evergreen, Yamashita, Tsuriken and Breaden. Prices start at $2 and the more expensive Japanese ones cost around $35.

Tips, tricks and techniques to catch squid in Perth & WA:

When squidding look for weedy places and sea grass beds in minimal swell that are close to the rocks and jetties. I look for depths over 1m amongst weeds and sand as squid love to hide here.   I advise that you try to stay in depths less than 10m though as anything over this and it’s hard to get your jigs down far enough.       

Make sure your jig sits flat in the water so you don’t scare the squid off. My mate believes that red, pink and orange jigs are good for the early morning and late evenings and that blue/green jigs work well during the day. If you see blowfish, this is actually a good sign that squid are about.

Catching squid from the shore - When catching squid from the shore I suggest casting an unweighted squid jig into the water and then let it sink, then use small jerks every 5 seconds or so to get it back to shore. You definitely need to wait the full five seconds as squid are more likely to attack a motionless bait but you just need to attract their attention with the jerking first.  Another technique is to use a float on your jig so you can see when a squid strikes.

Catching squid from a boat – There are numerous techniques, here are a few of the more popular ones:

Option 1 – Simply cast your squid jig out the back of your boat and wait.  You can catch squid this way but you will have more success with the other options, it just depends on how keen you are.

Option 2 - Drifting/Trolling Technique – This involves weighing jigs with sinkers and towing them around the weeds with your boat.   In shallow water don’t weigh your jig too much as you will scare off your catch but in deep sea environments use a heavier sinker.  When you feel a squid, be gentle so you don’t lose your squid, use constant, slow pressure and you will nab your catch.

Option 3 – Japanese Technique – Also know as “egi” which involves an aggressive jerking technique.  Squid are aggressive feeders that will chase jigs no matter how fast and furious. 

The technique requires you to leave the jig to sink for ages as squid often attack the jig on the drop down. In shallow clear water I would pick a smaller jig that sinks slowly (jigs come with different sink rates) so the squid has longer to see the jig. In deeper water use heavy and fast sinking jigs to get to the bottom quicker.

Option 4 - Net technique – Try a large mesh net.  Look out for the squid ink with this technique though.

Extra Tip/Option – Not sure if it works but my cousin swears by it.  He reckons when you hook a squid you should always throw an additional jig in behind the hooked squid and you will instantly hook another.  Sounds too good to be true but worth a try I say. 

How to catch squid at night in Perth, WA

Squid can be timid little things and often play coy and hide under the shadow of your boat at night time. Try casting a bright light on the water, squid will be attracted to the light and will try to eat your jig. Also use luminous jigs. 

What are the best times of the day to catch squid in Perth and WA?

The ideal time to fish for squid in Western Australia is from 6-9am and 6-9pm. My mate who is a squid catcher from way back says trying to catch squid in the middle of the day is a waste of time.

Winter is the best time of the year to catch squid in Perth.  May - August is ideal.

What is the best bait to catch squid in Perth and Western Australia?

Berley, small pellets or mulie pieces will certainly increase your catch or try rubbing fish oil on your jigs. 

Where are the best spots to catch squid in Perth and WA?


  • Woodman Point – Try the middle groyne when the water is clear and there isn’t much wind. Squid don’t like the murky water.
  • Garden Island (Sulphur Bay)
  • Palm Beach jetty – Try the jetty here for land based jigging
  • Mindarie Marina – I use pink squid jigs, sizes 3.5 and 4.0
  • Rockingham jetty – Try an orange jig with a blue bottom
  • Hillarys Aqwa jetty – In my experience I have mostly caught small squid here, they are good for fish bait though, nothing beats live bait for fishing.
  • Hillarys - South Groyne
  • Lancelin jetty – Try just where the cray boats offload as there are heaps of weeds here. 
  • Bunbury jetty
  • Busselton jetty
  • Claremont jetty
  • Mosman Park jetty
  • Fremantle – South Mole
  • East Fremantle – Near the Red Herring amongst the boats
  • Mandurah

IN A BOAT:  One good thing about squidding is that you don’t need a boat to get a good feed but if you do have a boat then some good squid spots in Perth are Parmelia Bank (Cockburn Sound), Fremantle surrounds, Mindarie, Hillarys, Mandurah and Woodman Point.

Click Here to link to a list and map of all the metropolitan boat ramps in Perth, great resource to help you catch more squid in WA:

 How to avoid getting squirting with squid ink?

It’s always advisable to let your squid squirt their ink before you put them in the boat or handle them. Don’t put them in a bucket with water because they suck up the water and squirt it everywhere making a mess with their left over ink. 

Lastly and most importantly it is really fun to squirt squid ink at your buddies so I strongly suggest you give this a go. This guarantees a laugh every time.....maybe not from the victim but that's their problem.  Beware of the revenge squirt though. 

Comment posted by Nathan
26 January 2016 - Same question as Adams. Which area of the Mindarie Marina have you found works the best?
Comment posted by SilverStories
12 January 2016 - Try the Dawesville Cut in Mandurah for squid, you can nab a few with the incoming tide. When in the estuary pop a line out the back of your boat and you should pick them up pretty easily.
Comment posted by Greg
18 December 2015 - Hey mate where in mandurah do you catch squid.
Comment posted by Sarah
15 December 2015 - Just look for weeds that are close to jetties and rocks and you should nab a few
Comment posted by Adam
14 December 2015 - Hey mate, what part of mindarie marina have you been catching in. Thanks

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