Fishing at James Price Point near Broome, WA

James Price Point is about 53 km north of Broome on a corrugated road which will shake you and your car about a bit. (It featured in the gas project debacle of 2013 but less said about that the better, we are lucky to still have it.  You can read about it here, click the link.  Aboriginals call this area Walmadan and it's a great place to fish and camp. Humpback whales frequent this area and can be seen from the shore and sea turtles, the elusive bilby and dugongs also pop up from time to time. Diving at James Price Point is also pretty good I hear.

The redness of the soil of the rugged coastline, the white sands and the crystal clear ocean water is amazing to see. It is a very beautiful part of Western Australia and, from my point of view, a very good fishing spot. We parked the van off road and snuggled in behind dunes. Very few people frequent this area.

Armed with mullies as bait we cast our lines into the surf in a great spot sheltered from the wind behind sandy dunes. The absolute beauty of the area makes for a very pleasant experience. We had lots of bites, fish misses and losing of tackle but got two good sized trevelly. They were very delicous for dinner that night.


Next morning we had another go and again the trevelly were there.  What a great fighting fish the trevelly is and we had great fun bringing them to shore. 

If you want a great fishing experience in a pristine area I think James Price Point would be for you. A word of caution in that a very large snake was seen on the road in.


Luckily fishing in Broome is pretty consistent so you can catch fish all year round but there are two seasons, the dry and the wet.  

Fishing in Broome in the Dry Season: 

Dry season fishing in Broome starts around end of April, start of May.  The best fish to catch at this time of year is thread fin salmon caught off Cable Beach.  You can also try fishing the creek mouths after high tide, I suggest Crab Creek. these Broome salmon love live bait and flashy coloured lures to attract their attention.  They will take mullies as bait also. In and around Broome you can also catch mangrove jack, trevelly and queen fish.

Afternoons are good for reef fishing, you could try Gantheume Point or Disaster Rock to catch groper, snapper and red emperor and off shore you are likely to catch spanish mackerel and blue fin tuna.

The Road In

Fishing in Broome in the Wet Season:

October through to April brings windy conditions so the fish seek more protected areas such as Roebuck Bay, Dampier and Crab Creek.  Many local Broome fishing enthusiasts chase Barramundi in the wet season in estuaries, open water and creeks.  Best places to catch barra in Broome are Barred Creek which is north of Broome, along the Dampier Peninsular and at Willie Creek.  A bit further out of Broome, about 130kms you could try along the Fitzroy River including Langi Crossing, Williams Pool, Snag Pool (access through Yeeda station). Broome barramundi minimum catch size is 55cm and 80cm is the maximum size.

In the wet season you can also catch trevally, mangrove jack and even crabs.

Top 10 Fish Caught in Broome, Western Australia

  1. Trevelly (including GT's or Giant Trevelly)
  2. Barramundi
  3. Mangrove Jack
  4. Bluefin Tuna
  5. Spanish Mackerel
  6. Queenfish (queenies)
  7. Whiting
  8. Blue nosed salmon
  9. Catfish
  10. Bream

James Cook Point

Top 10 Fishing Spots in and around Broome, WA

  1. James Price Point
  2. Willie Creek
  3. Cable Beach
  4. Crab Creek
  5. Gantheume Point
  6. Disaster Rock
  7. Barred Creek
  8. Dampier Creek  
  9. Fitzroy River (Langi Crossing, Williams Pool, Snag Pool) 
  10. Roebuck Bay

For more information about Great Fishing in Broome click here

James Cook

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